Fade red stretch marks

How to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks

One day you wake up, and it’s just there: a scraggly, jagged line on your skin that runs up the sides of your thighs, hips or belly. And your heart deflates when you realize what it is:

The dreaded stretch mark.

Stretch marks (or striae) are just a fact of life, especially when you’re pregnant and busy creating life. The lines you see are actual tears in your dermis, usually caused by rapid weight changes. While you may want to throw in the towel at the first sign of a stretch mark, you will be surprised you still have say in it’s final appearance.


Here are our best tips for fading pregnancy stretch marks:

  • Early treatment. Since stretch marks eventually become scars, the most effective way to diminish them is by treating them right away. The best time for treatment is when they are new, and red or purple in appearance. When stretch marks become silvery scar tissue, only laser treatments (and lots of prayer) will help.
  • Choose toxin-free pregnancy skin care. While pregnant, anything you put on your skin can affect your baby’s development. That’s why the best products for pregnancy stretch marks should always be toxin-free and made with organic ingredients.
  • Follow treatment EVERY DAY. Since you’re using gentle, natural skin care, it becomes even more important to establish regularity when treating your stretch marks. We suggest making it part of your daily routine, just like flossing and brushing your teeth!
  • Use tamanu oil & vitamin E. The best lotion for pregnancy stretch marks will include tamanu oil and vitamin E. Both these amazing ingredients have a long history of fading scars and accelerating the production of healthy skin cells.
  • Wear sunscreen; become a vampire. Sadly, when you have new pregnancy stretch marks, the sun is no longer your friend. Sun exposure will lead to discoloration of stretch marks, and can cause the tissue to thicken and become harder to treat. Make sure you’re slathering on SPF 30+ every day, and avoid unnecessary sun exposure.
  • Choose a stretch mark serum. While a tummy butter for stretch marks is great as an every day treatment, we like to apply nightly serums for the ultimate double whammy. The fine molecular structure of serums allow for deep penetration of the skin, which makes it fantastic for spot treatments. Again, choose a pregnancy stretch marks treatment that will be safe for you AND baby.

Have you gotten stretch marks during pregnancy? Share your tips on stretch marks treatment below!


Babymoon ideas for expecting parents

Babymoon ideas + tips for the pregnant couple

Amid all the baby fuss, we’re firm believers pregnant Mamas and their partners deserve one last hurrah before baby arrives. And with summer officially here, what better time to start planning a romantic babymoon?

If getting out of bed seems like a chore, here is an easy guide to planning that perfect pregnancy getaway!

Planning a babymoon vacation? Here are the best tips for that perfect getaway before the baby arrives!

1) Timing is everything. Since first trimesters are often plagued with morning sickness, and traveling in the your third trimester is often discouraged, aim to take that relaxin’ babymoon during your second trimester in weeks 14 through 28. Otherwise, fill your luggage with morning sickness tea and take your chances!

2) Take it easy. Even though it’s your last pre-baby vacay, this isn’t the time to go ziplining through Costa Rica or roughing it up Bear Grylls-style. Make realistic plans about how far you can travel, look for nonstop flights and minimize travel times.

3) Scope out pregnancy-safe activities and services. When considering a babymoon destination, scope out local pregnancy-friendly activities you can participate in. Perhaps there’s a thriving art and music scene, great restaurants or beautiful parks to explore. Check out local event calendars for fun workshops and fairs that may be occurring.

4) Consider a hotel babymoon package. Check out babymoon travel packages that are catered to pampering expectant Mamas. Many babymoon specials include couples’ massages, in-room dessert bars and even photography sessions. When researching spa visits, choose prenatal massage experts who use toxin-free pregnancy skin care products that are safe for your baby. Or better yet — just bring your own!

5) Check in with the doc. Before booking your trip, talk with your OB to get the green light on your travel plans. This is especially important if you’re carrying multiples, or have a high-risk pregnancy.

6) Research hospitals in the area. You and your partner will have a happier vacation knowing medical help is near, should you need it. Bring along important medical papers or phone numbers, just to be prepared and reassured.

Traveling while pregnant? Check out our Six Essentials to Pack and our Top Travel Skin Care Tips

Planning a babymoon, or have some pregnancy travel tips of your own? We wanna know below!



Travel during pregnancy: Six essentials to pack

Whether you’re planning a weekender or three-week cruise to the Caribbean, traveling while pregnant means taking extra precaution to make sure your necessities are met. Before you hit the road, here’s our pregnancy travel checklist. Bon voyage, Mama!

Six essentials to pack while traveling pregnant

Prenatal vitamins

It’s crucial to stay on top of your prenatal vitamins, for your health and your baby’s development. Pack a pillbox to get stay organized and avoid crushed pills.

Important medical info

Before a long trip, consult with your doctor to find a OB/GYN and hospital in your travel area. Put together a sheet that includes pertinent medical information, such as prescriptions, allergies, blood type and more.

Toxin-free pregnancy skin care

Don’t compromise your skin care routine while traveling. Most hotel products are full of toxins that you want to be careful to avoid. Order one of our Best of Bump Box Sampler pregnancy gift set (on sale for $18), which features trial sizes of your favorite tummy butter, stretch mark oil and aloe leg gel. For shorter trips, our mini pregnancy spa treatment (on sale for $5.25), which includes a pregnancy body wash. And of course, always bring your sunscreen!

On-the-go snacks

Don’t let the munchies get you down! Traveling can be draining, which means pregnant Mamas should always have snacks on hand for that extra bit of energy. We recommend healthy bites like nuts, power bars or fruit.

Doctor-approved meds

Be prepared for any emergency. Pack an assortment of doctor-approved meds that you may need during the trip, including pain relievers and antacids for that nasty pregnancy heartburn.

Comfy flats

Nothing ruins a trip faster than achey feet. Unfortunately pregnancy cankles are a very real thing. Treat your gams to an aloe leg gel for pregnancy swollen feet relief, and opt for comfortable ballet flats or sandals. We swear by our Crocs, which stretch in warm weather to conform to your feet…no matter how puffy they are!

Have a trip coming up? What’s on YOUR pregnancy travel checklist? Share below!


Flying while pregnant: Top travel skin care tips

With the summer travel bug catching on across the nation, we know a lot of pregnant Mamas are wondering how they’ll survive the exhausting travel from point A to point B. So before you head to the airport, here are our top skin-saving tips for flying Mamas!

Skin Care MUSTS while traveling pregnant

Problem: Dry, itchy skin.

The cabin air in airplanes is notorious for leaving passengers feeling pruney and dehydrated. For pregnant Mamas, this can lead to itchy, irritated bellies and scaliness all over.

Solution: Drink plenty of water to keep your insides hydrated, even if it means waddling to the tiny toilets every 30 minutes (hope you have an aisle seat, Mama!). And since scratching itchy skin can lead to stretch marks, pack a lush belly butter to reapply when necessary.

Problem: Cramped, swollen legs. 

Lengthy flights are gonna do nothing for your swollen pregnancy legs and feet. With little to no movement, your pregnancy cankles will surely act up as blood circulation halts below the waist.

Solution: Get up and move! Once it’s safe to do so, get the blood flowin’ with some simple exercises. Try walking back and forth, flexing your feet and rotating your ankles. If you’re wearing loose-fitting clothes, a skirt or shorts, bring an aloe leg gel to help relieve swollen feet during pregnancy.

Problem: Dry eyes. 

Dry cabin air can also lead to irritated, red or sore eyes. This is especially true if you wear contact lenses.

Solution: Saline drops can be a lifesaver during long flights. Pack in your purse or carry-on for easy access.

Problem: Dull, lifeless face.

The stress of traveling can sap the life from your skin, especially on long haul flights where you can’t properly wash your face.

Solution: If traveling has taken away your pregnancy glow, keep a packet of facial wipes on hand. Wet toilettes are the perfect travel companion when you need to quickly cleanse your face. Follow with a pregnancy moisturizer, a few spritzes of a hydrating toner (I love BalanC from our pregnancy skin care collection), and voila — that lovely glow is back!

What’s on your beauty checklist while traveling? Share your tips and tricks below!


Pregnancy Tea for Morning Sickness

There’s nothing that kills the elation of pregnancy quite as quickly as your first bout of morning sickness…especially when you realize “morning” sickness can actually last all day! That’s why we formulated a nausea-blasting pregnancy tea to help the 75% of women who are affected during the first months of their pregnancy.

Let’s delve in to how it works!

Pregnancy tea for morning sickness

Morning sickness tea: What’s the deal?

Herbal teas are a great way for expecting moms to hydrate and provide their bodies with nutrients. To ensure Mamas get the most of their tea, we use 100% organic whole herbs that have been squelching nausea for centuries!

Here’s how our Happy Mornings tea for pregnancy curbs the queasiness: Continue reading

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