Best homemade cleansers for every skin type

Every green beauty lover and expectant mom knows how hard it can be to find skincare free of yucky toxins. Many times, checking ingredient labels can become exhausting (and confusing), so we love experimenting with DIY recipes when we can. One of our favorite at-home beauty projects is creating our own homemade facial cleanser. Once you’ve found recipes that work for you, just bottle ’em up, and voila! — you’ve got your own toxin-free and safe face products to use during pregnancy (& beyond!).


Green tea cleanser

(All skin types)

Green tea is one of our favorite beauty secrets, whether you’re sippin’ on it leisurely or slathering it on your face. A powerful antioxidant, green tea calms skin and protects it from free radical damage. Gentle and natural, this green tea cleanser is great for all skin types!


1/4 cup castille soap
1/4 cup brewed green tea
3/4 teaspoon carrier oil of your choice (jojoba, grapeseed, sweet almond or avocado)
8 drops essential oil (optional, not for use for moms in first trimester*)
5 drops vitamin E oil (optional, to help aid in skin healing)

Shake up  ingredients in a squirt or pump bottle, and apply to  damp face. Cleanse in small circles to remove daily dirt and grime. Rinse off using warm water or a face cloth.

Oil cleanser

(For all types, especially acne-prone skin)

Everyone has been raving about oil cleansers for awhile — it’s time for you to give it a try! While non-believers will have you believe oil will only exasperate problem skin, it actually helps dissolve existing grime and oil on your face. The addition of peppermint makes it great for oily skin & will give your face a nice little tingle.


1 oz jojoba oil
3 drops peppermint essential oil (optional, not for use for moms in first trimester*)
tamanu oil (optional, but highly recommended for its healing and regenerative properties! If using, substitute 1/3 of jojoba for tamanu oil.)

Mix oils in a 1 oz amber glass bottle with dropper (amber bottles are superior to blue or clear glass, which let in more light). To cleanse, massage oil gentle into face using small circles. Many report a gritty feeling as their pores unclog (gross, and so satisfying!). Use warm water and a clean wash cloth to  remove oil.

For an optimum skin treatment, steep a clean wash cloth with hot water and wring out. Apply cloth over face for a couple minutes to help steam out impurities. Wash as usual.

Note: Need more info? Check out more on the oil cleansing method & read why our stretch mark oil is *poifect* for washing your face!

Honey cleanser

(For all types, especially dry skin)

Honey gently removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin. It is also antibacterial, so it’s great for reducing breakouts and preserving your cleanser. When choosing a honey, the label should say raw, unpasteurized or unfiltered. While Manuka honey is preferred, it is pretty pricey. For beauties on a budget, raw organic honey will work wonderfully as well.


1/4 cup Manuka honey or raw honey
1/4 cup distilled water
1 tablespoon liquid castille soap
3 drops lavender or tea tree oil (optional)

Wet face, and use about a teaspoon of honey cleanser. Warm between fingers and massage onto face in small circles. For deep cleansing treatment, leave on face for ten minutes before washing off.

Have you tried making your own homemade facial cleanser? Share your stories and recipes below!


*A note on essential oils during pregnancy: While they have wonderful capabilities, it's advised to avoid essential oils during your first trimester. All these homemade facial cleansers are wonderful without them, so feel free to pass on using essential oils or consult with your doctor if you have any questions. Remember: safety first!


Saving your skin after pregnancy

September is the most popular birthing month (holiday sexy-time, anyone?), so we know there are plenty of newly postpartum moms out there. Not surprisingly, every Mama’s post-pregnancy recovery is different. With your hormones shifting once agan, your skin after pregnancy can continue to act up & become fussy — here’s how to find fast (& effective) relief for the most common issues!

how to take care of your skin after pregnancy

Postpartum swollen feet and legs

Edema, or the swelling of feet and legs, is not just a phenomena during pregnancy. After giving birth, it will take a few weeks for your body to purge the excess fluid you’ve retained during your third trimester. As your body readjusts, expect lots of trips to the bathroom and sweating (glamorous, we know).

To alleviate achy limbs, keep active with light exercise — even walking! Make sure to move around, and avoid crossing your legs or standing for a long time. When relaxing, treat yourself to a gentle massage with a leg gel for swollen feet relief. Be sure to elevate those gams to get the blood flowin.’

Saggy skin after pregnancy

This is probably the mother of all postpartum skin concerns. Even if you survived pregnancy without stretch marks (lucky you!), almost every mother worries about her new pregnancy pooch post-baby. Following the first months of giving birth, we strongly encourage mothers wear a belly wrap. We love the extra support it gives as your core heals.

For saggy bellies, The Spoiled Mama founder Tamara Johnson swears by Remodel Serum, which is a wonderful treatment for postpartum stretch marks, and contains hyaluronic acid that helps plump and tone skin. After the serum dries (only a few minutes), apply our toxin-free Tummy Butter to the area. If you wish, follow with a postpartum corset for the support.

Our founder Tamara did this for 8-10 weeks following her babies, and she swears by this routine:

“I loved my Belly Bandit after giving birth. I had my hubby help me apply Remodel and Tummy Butter right away, and strap me into the belly band — just lay down and cinch that bad boy around you!”

While it may be slightly uncomfortable at first, Tamara says it’s worth it:

“People in the hospital couldn’t believe I just had a baby. My tummy looked flat and my muscles were definitely pulled together.”

Allover tiredness & dullness

For Mamas who need a full-body rejuvenation, we strongly encourage new moms pamper themselves with a massage or facial. Not only can it help relieve your aches and pains, it can truly make you feel better.

Whichever prenatal treatment you choose, make sure to let your spa know you’ve just had a baby, as it may affect the treatments available to you.  If you’re nursing, ask if the spa carries toxin-free products safe for breastfeeding moms.

Anything we miss? Share below! And for more info, check out our “Postpartum Recovery Essentials & Checklist“!


Top 3 pregnancy facials (& what to avoid)

Last week we learned that moms should take special consideration when getting a massage or visiting a spa during pregnancy. But, what’s the deal with facials?

With so many procedures out there, it can be hard to determine which treatments will work best — and be safe — for you & your baby. But with so many Mamas suffering from pregnancy acne, oily skin and bloating, we understand your face needs a little extra TLC. So let’s dive on in!

Best pregnancy facial treatments

Oxygen facials – A celebrity fave, oxygen facials introduce awesome ingredients to your skin via a pressurized stream of steam. The blends can include skin plumping hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins and botanical extracts. This treatment is great for expecting moms with dry  or dull skin.

At-home option: To add a flurry of goodness to your skin, The Spoiled Mama’s Lucid treatment for melasma is packed hydrating hyaluronic acid and exfoliating fruit acids (AHAs). With a small molecular structure the serum pierces skin layers more effectively than traditional creams.

Exfoliating facial – For Mamas who are coping with dryness, or dullness, an exfoliating facial is perfect for you. While treatments like microdermabrasion are not recommended for pregnant women, inquire about mild facial scrubs or consider a pregnancy-safe AHA like glycolic acid or lactic acid.

At-home option: Made from organic sugar and nourishing oils, The Spoiled Mama Indulge body scrub is perfect for polishing your body and face. As an added bonus, its oils are great for helping avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

Deep cleansing – If you have especially problematic skin, try a deep cleansing treatment. This generally includes exfoliation, extraction of blemishes and massage, followed by a healing mask and moisturizer.

At-home option: To battle your blemishes, The Spoiled Mama’s Rehab serum can help clear your pregnancy acne. The spot treatment is wonderful for moms who are eager for quick transformation.


  • Tell your aesthetician you’re pregnant, and walk through the treatment menu with her. She should be able to answer any concerns you have, and can create a custom facial treatment for you.
  • If you’re suffering from morning sickness, take it easy on aromatherapy treatments, which may exasperate any smell sensitivities you have.
  • Avoid harsh chemical facials, microdermabrasian and peels.
  • Pregnancy skin can be especially sensitive, so be vocal if something hurts, feels too hot, etc.
  • Call ahead to make sure the treatment features pregnancy safe skincare. The ingredients should be toxin-free, and safe for you & baby!

Have you had a facial during your pregnancy? Which treatments are your fave? Let us know below!


6 things every pregnant mom should know before hitting the spa

With achy feet and swollen limbs, a pregnancy spa day seems like a no-brainer for expecting moms. But is it safe? Are all masseuses  qualified? What kind of spa services would be most beneficial? With our pregnancy skincare featured in international spas, we wanted to drop some industry knowledge on you. Here’s what you need to know before booking that spa day!

  1. Prenatal massages can provide a plethora of benefits. Studies have shown pregnancy massages can have wonderful side effects for expecting mothers, including relieving achy muscles and joints, reducing anxiety and depression, and improving labor and baby’s health.
  2. Choose your masseuse carefully. While most massage training programs teach massage therapy for pregnant mothers, call your spa to find a masseuse who is certified in prenatal massage. This means they have special training on how to position you safely and watch for symptoms of varicose veins and blood clots.
  3. Investigate your spa’s products. Call your spa ahead to make sure all their treatments feature pregnancy safe skin care. This means anything that touches your skin — from belly butters to pregnancy oils — will be toxin-free and safe for your baby.
  4. Avoid the sauna. While they are relaxing (and great for skin!), pregnant mothers should skip the sauna. That’s because overheating at 101-degrees F or above can increase birth defects in babies during a mother’s first trimester.
  5. Cure what ails you. Edema or swollen feet and ankles? A massage will help! Got nerve pain? A masseuse can ease the tension! When pregnancy gets extremely uncomfortable, many third trimester moms will find a trip to the maternity spa will greatly help.
  6. Get your doc’s green light. Expecting moms should consult with their health care provider before scheduling a spa visit if they have:
  • experienced bleeding or preterm conditions
  • a high risk pregnancy
  • preeclampsia
  • previous pre-term labor
  • high blood pressure or migraines
  • pregnancy induced hypertension

So, time to dish! Have you had a prenatal spa day or massage? What’s your favorite treatment? Share below!




The ultimate oatmeal mask for pregnancy acne

Hey Mamas! It’s time to rummage through your pantry for another awesome Do-It-Yourself treat. This is one of my favorites, since everything is natural, inexpensive and of course, safe for skin during pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones can bring on an onslaught of skin issues, including oily skin and acne. Even Mamas who’ve always had clear skin may fall victim to a volcano or two on her face. The good news is that pregnancy acne tends to subside once baby is born. In the meantime, however, finding a pregnancy safe acne treatment can be rather tricky. Traditional blemish fighters, like salicylic acid, isotretinoin or beta hydroxy acids are big no-nos during pregnancy, since they may cause serious birth defects in high doses.

So what’s a Mama to do? We advise using a daily pregnancy safe acne treatment made with gentle ingredients, paired with a weekly mask like this one.

This Oatmeal, Tea Tree & Honey Mask for Pregnancy Acne has great benefits, including:

  • reducing inflammation and redness
  • gentle exfoliation, perfect for irritated skin
  • antibacterial and antioxidant properties from honey helps kill bacteria and protect skin from infection
  • tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and helps tone
  • leaves surface irresistibly soft
  • perfect for sensitive skin, blackheads and pregnancy acne

Time for the recipe!

the best diy acne mask


  • 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, finely grounded into a flour-like texture
  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey (manuka is recommended)
  • 4 drops of tea tree oil (optional)

Add ingredients together in a clean mixing bowl. With a spoon or fork, mix ingredients until a thick paste is formed.

Apply to face and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse, and continue with your regular three-step skin routine (cleanse, tone and moisturizer). For best results, choose a pregnancy safe acne toner and follow with a pregnancy acne cream made from toxin-free ingredients.

If you have leftovers, mask can be refrigerated and re-hydrated with warm water.

Have you tried an oatmeal mask before? Any DIY secrets to treat pregnancy acne? Share below!


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