Pregnancy skin care for a better planet

Happy Earth Day, everyone! As we celebrate our beautiful little world and evaluate how we can live cleaner and greener, I wanted to discuss how our company supports the planet. By choosing our pregnancy skin care today, you’re saying “yes” to better skin and healthier environment tomorrow!

Toxin-free Pregnancy Skin Care

  • We choose only the best for you, which means choosing organic, premium ingredients.  Organic pregnancy skin care is better for the environment because organic farming practices ban synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, which destroy our water, soil and health.
  • We source from independent farmers who ethically harvest their crops in the wild.
  • The 100% organic herbs featured in our pregnancy and breastfeeding teas don’t use modified organisms (or GMOs) that are potentially harmful to human and environmental health.

Green Company Practices

  • Our online store is wind-powered, which means we offset 100% of the amount of energy used by our servers and other hardware used to run our website with clean, renewable wind energy.
  • We package our products in recyclable jars and bottles.
  • We  use recycled business cards, printing paper, tissue paper and shipping boxes. Those peanuts you’re receiving with your belly butter? Totally 100% compostable!

What are other ways you & your family help our planet? Find out with a Global Footprint Calculator! And don’t forget to shop our pregnancy skin care before midnight 4/22 to save 10% for Earth Day!

organic skin care earth day sale

What are your favorite tips on living green? Share below!



Tax relief: 10% off pregnancy skin care

The dreaded April 15 is finally here, which means we all deserve a good pat on the back for surviving Tax Day. To celebrate, The Spoiled Mama is welcoming back our annual Tax Day Sale on all pregnancy skin care orders!

tax day april 15 sale pregnancy skin care

Steps to save:

1) Head over to our online store and fill your cart with all the necessary goodies, like our yummy belly butter, stretch mark oil or nipple butter.

2) At check-out, enter code NOTAX2015 for 10% off your order.

3) Do a lil’ happy dance!


Shop pregnancy skin care, do good

Last week, we shared how Spoiled Mama customers Kim and Bill K. of New Jersey are bravely facing a challenging second pregnancy. Their baby tested positive for Mosaic Turner Syndrome, a mild form of the chromosomal disorder, and their story of hope and perseverance touched our hearts.

In honor of Kim and Bill’s family, we’re encouraging all of YOU to support the Turner Syndrome Foundation through Amazon Smile. The foundation supports and builds awareness for this rare — but important — women’s health issue that affects 1 of every 2,500 newborn girls worldwide.

By shopping through Amazon Smile, .5% of every Spoiled Mama pregnancy skin care order will be donated towards the organization.


To participate, follow these easy steps:

1) Log into your regular Amazon account through the Amazon Smile portal.

2) Select “Turner Syndrome Foundation” from the charity drop-down menu.

3) Shop away…all for a wonderful cause!

Have a wonderful week, Mamas! 


Real Talk: Persevering through a difficult pregnancy


One of the greatest joys at The Spoiled Mama is providing support and relief for new and expecting parents as they begin their journey into parenthood.

Welcoming children to the world is a life-changing experience — full of ups and downs — and we feel so blessed to share in the adventure with all of you.

Last month, we received an incredible story from one of our parents I’d like to share. For anyone experiencing hardships through pregnancy and beyond, we hope this encourages you to find the silver lining and proceed with perseverance, hope and love.

Meet Bill and Kim K. of New Jersey. Bill writes:

“This is our third child and my wife has been loyally using The Spoiled Mama products for all of her pregnancies. This one was an unexpected surprise, and, unfortunately, has not been without complications.

A new free cell DNA test showed our baby was at high risk for having the chromosomal disorder for Turner Syndrome, and my wife had an amniocentesis for confirmation. As it turns out, the amnio showed it was a milder form of Mosaic Turner’s where only some of the cells were effected.

Needless to say, this has been torturous and we have been through a lot.

The head of the original OB/GYN practice we were going to recommended termination.  This was before we even had an amnio for confirmation of the situation (…)  It was as if me and my wife, and especially our baby, were no longer worth his time. 

We walked out of there feeling as lost and low as possible. Needless to say, we never returned to that practice and found a very nice, new doctor.

While things are looking better now and we finally feel that we are able to enjoy this miracle of childbirth and celebrate with others, including our two other little girls, this will be a very tough pregnancy, full of anxiety. But faith will see us through.

Having being comforted by The Spoiled Mama’s products and service throughout the years as we prepared for the most important, special moments of our lives, I felt it was important to share our current experience with you.

We appreciate your support of women, children and parents, and their overall health.

On sharing their story with The Spoiled Mama community:

“We would like to provide comfort, relief and hope to as many as possible. Despite the new tests and technology that seem to develop continuously, I firmly believe childbirth will always remain a unique, unpredictable, magical mystery of life.

Strong women and support, faith and love, and passion for life, are all that’s needed to endure, enjoy and persevere through one of life’s true miracles.

They happen all the time and epitomize hope, no matter what we experience — both good and bad — in our lives.  It is why we are here.”

Have you experienced difficulties during your pregnancy? How did you cope? 

Come back next week when we’ll be announcing how you can support families like Kim and Bill’s with your Spoiled Mama purchases! 


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