Pregnancy Tea for Morning Sickness

There’s nothing that kills the elation of pregnancy quite as quickly as your first bout of morning sickness…especially when you realize “morning” sickness can actually last all day! That’s why we formulated a nausea-blasting pregnancy tea to help the 75% of women who are affected during the first months of their pregnancy.

Let’s delve in to how it works!

Pregnancy tea for morning sickness

Morning sickness tea: What’s the deal?

Herbal teas are a great way for expecting moms to hydrate and provide their bodies with nutrients. To ensure Mamas get the most of their tea, we use 100% organic whole herbs that have been squelching nausea for centuries!

Here’s how our Happy Mornings tea for pregnancy curbs the queasiness:

Organic Ginger Root: Studies from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) report ginger is a safe and effective solution for morning sickness during pregnancy, and may reduce vomiting.  It’s been a highly revered root that’s been used in Asian cultures medicinally for hundreds of years.

Organic Spearmint Leaf: Records of spearmint used for medicinal purposes have been discovered as far back as ancient Greece. It’s known for helping relieve symptoms of menstruation like fatigue, cramps and yes — nausea!

Organic Red Raspberry Leaf: The holy grail of pregnancy herbs, red raspberry leaf is packed with potassium, magnesium, iron and b-vitamins, which makes it perfect to bust nausea and cramps.

Organic Orange Peel: Don’t neglect the power of aromatherapy. Great in taste and wonderful to smell, orange peel is a simple yet effective way to help combat nausea.

Organic Chamomile Flower: Traditional medicine has touted the power of chamomile for ages. Known to calm anxiety and settle the stomach, chamomile has been shown to ease nausea and vomiting as well.

Organic Peppermint Leaf: Peppermint is fantastic during pregnancy because it safely relieves nausea, but also aids with digestion and irritable bowel syndrome.

Organic Lemon Balm Leaf: Used medicinally for at least 2,000 years, lemon balm soothes tension, pregnancy nausea and vomiting. As an added bonus, it helps aid with sleep as well!

How to drink a pregnancy tea

It’s important to follow the suggested dosage on your pregnancy tea, since overdosing on herbal tea can be harmful. We recommend reaching for our morning sickness tea whenever symptoms of nausea begin showing.

For Mamas on the go, brew a tall thermos in the morning and sip throughout the day, or make a delicious iced tea for your travels!

Have you tried a pregnancy tea? Which natural remedies helped YOU cure morning sickness? Share below!


How to treat melasma (aka ‘the mask of pregnancy’)

While hyperpigmentation is a harmless skin condition, it’s still very much a nuisance. During pregnancy, dark patches of skin may occur on the face  (often called melasma, chloasma or “the mask of pregnancy”) due to excess melanin production as estrogen rises.

However, we don’t have to suffer through these unsightly blemishes! Whether your hyperpigmentation is caused by pregnancy, birth control or sun damage, here is our guide on the best treatment for melasma.

how to treat melasma (aka mask of pregnancy)

Mind your vitamin C. Undo discoloration you may already have while prevent further dark spots from appearing with vitamin C. The topical use of this natural antioxidant can speed up the fading of melasma and freckles. Our BalanC toner is a staff fave for a boost of vitamin C and works great as a melasma natural treatment.

Stay out of the sun.  We mean it.  While its comforting rays feel great, the sun will worsen your mask of pregnancy, dark spots…and yes, even your stretch marks!

Reach for the vitamin A. Vitamin A  is a fave of dermatologists for skin brightening, with more than 700 scientific studies that support its benefits on skin. While pregnant, make sure to stay away from harsh forms of vitamin A like Retin-A, and reach for natural sources to get rid of melasma.

Use an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). AHAs speed up cell turnover, helping fade dark spots and revealing healthy skin. During pregnancy, choose a melasma cream with fruit-derived AHAs to ensure maximum safety for you and baby.

Use a SPF, even on cloudy days. Never ever leave the house without SPF! This is the cardinal skin care rule for anyone who wants to brighten melasma, fade stretch marks and prevent premature aging. Choose a SPF 30 or higher, and remember to reapply, reapply, reapply!

Did you suffer from melasma during pregnancy? What are your favorite methods to fade dark spots? Share your skin care tips below!


Summer pregnancy skin care tips

As warmer weather rolls around, many pregnancy symptoms begin hitting expecting Mamas particularly hard. That’s why I recommend that moms (expecting or not!) reevaluate their organic skin care routine with changes in weather or seasons.

Here are some of our favorite tips on switching up your routine & keeping that pregnancy glow.

Summer Skin Care Tips for Pregnancy


Use a stretch mark oil: While I love a good belly butter, it’s luxe cocoa butter formula can be too thick on a hot and humid day. That’s why I reach for a stretch mark oil in warmer weather. It will still provide the necessary hydration to help prevent stretch marks, but will be absorbed much faster.

Sip on hot tea: This may sound counter intuitive, but drinking hot tea in warm weather actually helps cool down your body! The tea raises your body temperature, making you perspire and naturally cooling you off. But of course, we agree there’s nothing like a nice iced tea. Depending on your need, try our morning sickness tea, breastfeeding tea or third trimester pregnancy tea hot or cold — they’re delish either way!

Use a facial spray: When traveling to humid places, I make sure my facial spray is never too far away! I love our organic facial toner, which instantly cools the face with cucumber and aloe. Bonus: it actually helps set make-up, which has a tendency to run in warm weather. Also try Evian’s Mineral Water Facial Spray.

Treat your feet: Swollen cankles and sore feet can really weigh a pregnant Mama down. Keep your feet elevated when possible, and pop our Happy Legs for swollen legs during pregnancy in the fridge for a refreshing treat. Your feet will thank you!

How do YOU keep cool during the summer? Share your beauty tips below! 


Last minute Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day is just a handful of days away, and I know there’s plenty of you scrambling for some last minute gift ideas! Thank goodness for two-day shipping and the Internet to save our butts in times like these. If you’re in a crunch, consider our favorite picks for the eleventh-hour Mother’s Day gifts ideas.

Last minute Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom-to-be

1) Alex and Ani Special Delivery Charm Bangle

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Alex and Ani Pregnancy Bangle

$39 from, with two-day shipping added for only $15. Chic and meaningful, this is a pregnancy gift any mom would love to receive. Silver and pink versions also available.

2) Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Everyday Bellaband

$25.20-$62.49 from Amazon, with free two-day shipping via Prime. A pregnancy essential, these belly bands provide support to a Mama’s growing bump. Comes is various colors for her every day wear.

3) Pregnancy Skin Care from The Spoiled Mama

Mother's Day Gifts: Pregnancy Skin Care

$53 from Amazon, with free two-day shipping via Prime. Pamper Mama’s body & keep her free of stretch marks with a toxin-free belly butter and stretch mark oil. Trust us, she’ll thank you!

4) Prenatal Yoga Classes, Massage or Acupuncture

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Prenatal Classes or Treatments

Support her overall wellness by gifting her a series of prenatal yoga classes, a pregnancy massage, spa or acupuncture session. Locate nearby businesses that offer gift cards, or visit sites like Living Social or Groupon for special deals available in your area.

5) Go the gift card route

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Gifts cards

Gift certificates get a bad rep, but gift cards can actually give the receiver a lot more freedom to choose what she really likes & will use.

Just cater it to your mom-to-be’s tastes: Is she a foodie? How about a gift card for dinner to a restaurant she’s always wanted to visit? Does she like to be pampered? Try a pregnancy skin care gift certificate. Just pair with a bouquet of flowers, box of her fave chocolates or a big hug, and you’re done!

Do YOU have any ideas for the last minute Mother’s Day gifts for the mom-to-be? Share below!


Tips for before & after a Cesarean

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, which was created by the International Cesarean Awareness Network to bring attention to the increasing rate of cesareans. With nearly one in every three births by cesarean, it is now the most common surgery in the United States.

As with all surgeries, there are certainly risks during the procedure and recovery period. Both my babies were born due via C-section due to high-risk pregnancies, so I’m well acquainted with the potential hazards associated with cesareans.

If your doctor or midwife determines a C-section is best for you & your baby, the best way to prepare is by getting informed! Here are some tips for you pre- and post-delivery.

Tips for before & after a cesarean section

Before C-section

  • Strengthen your core muscles to help recover post-cesarean. Pilates, prenatal yoga, swimming — and even walking! — can strengthen your abdominals. Consult with your doctor or midwife to determine an exercise routine that will work best for you.
  • During the last trimester, drink a pregnancy tea with red raspberry leaf to tone and help your uterus recover after surgery. Red raspberry leaf will also help reduce bleeding after cesarean.
  • You’ll likely be in the hospital up to four days after giving birth via cesarean, so be sure to pack your hospital bag with all the essentials!

After C-section

  • Some women who’ve had cesareans report difficulty lactating. To encourage supply, drink a breastfeeding tea to increase milk production.
  • Consider wearing a compression band for your post-surgery belly. The band supports your incision and can help decrease pain as you move around in your day-to-day.
  • As your cesarean incision heals, treat the area to reduce the scar’s appearance. To minimize scarring and regenerate new, healthy tissue, I highly recommend tamanu oil featured in our belly butter. Which ever cream you use, make sure you religiously take care of your skin during this recovery period!

Have you had a cesarean, or plan on having one? What are some tips YOU have? Share below!


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