order to apply skincare

Are you applying skincare in the correct order?

how to apply skincare

Whether you’re chasing the pregnancy glow or on a mission to brighten and lighten, there’s a common beauty mistake many women — and even skincare specialists — are guilty of. Even if you’ve done thorough research to find the perfect toxin-free skincare, the products are rendered useless if you apply them out of order!

That’s right, if you’re applying skincare in the wrong sequence, you’re wasting time, effort and money!

Does the order of skincare applied really matter?

Yes M’am! Not only does the order matter, but the timing between application is equally important! Using skincare in sequential order ensures you receive the full benefits of each product.

Order becomes especially important when we break down the ingredients of each product to their very molecules. For instance, the tiny molecules of your pricey serum don’t hold a chance of crossing the barrier of a heavy cream; therefore the serum (and all its goodness) will sit on top of the moisturizer, basically doing — well, nothing! Womp, womp.

Which order should I be applying my beauty products?

Basically you want to move from thinnest to thickest; from water-based to oil-based products. Keep in mind everyone’s skin has different needs, so listen to what your skin tells you and adjust your routine accordingly.

1) Cleanser. Choose a gentle, water-soluble cleanser to remove makeup, debris and oil. A clean surface will help your facial products work effectively.

2) Toner. Many people skip toner, but it actually removes dirt left over by your cleanser, any remaining traces of makeup and — according to the formula — provide your freshened face with vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals. If you need more guidance, here’s how to pick the best toner for your face.

Allow toner to air dry on your face. This usually takes just under a minute.

3) Spot treatment or medicated creams. Any prescription medications, anti aging creams and spot treatments should be applied closest to the skin for maximum potency. Here’s the time to tackle any unsightly blemishes, lighten dark spots (or melasma) or treat fine lines. 

Allow treatment at least five minutes before applying the next layer.

4) Serums. Nutrient-rich serums are also best near the skin. If you have multiple serums, work your way from lightest (liquids) to gels, then cream formulas.

5) Eye cream (optional/night time only). Eye creams are special serums made for your eye area, which is especially delicate and needs extra TLC as you age. Eye creams are recommended during the evening, as their thicker formula needs time to penetrate skin.

6) Moisturizer. Moisturizers, usually thickest, go on last. They are designed to sink in slower, and lock in the skin’s moisture during the day or night. Choose a toxin-free moisturizer, especially when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

7) Facial oil (optional). If your skin is especially dry, use a facial oil to give your skin a boost! Rich in nutrients, a good facial oil helps soften, smooth and hydrate. I love using our Bump Gloss stretch mark oil when my skin needs that extra lovin’.

8) Sunscreen (for daytime). Sunscreen goes on last. Apply in the morning, before your makeup, to make sure your skin receives proper protection from the sun.

Peek-a-BOO: Halloween costumes for pregnant Mamas

‘Tis the season for changing leaves, butternut squash soup and spOoOkiness!

With Halloween just a couple weeks away, it’s time to use your baby bump to your full advantage — with fun and wacky costumes of course! Whether you choose to use body paint or don face paint, make sure you use the same caution as you would with your non-toxic pregnancy skincare.

Just because a face/body paint is labeled “safe” or “toxin-free” doesn’t mean it won’t irritate your skin. Before putting on your ensemble, test the body paint on a small part of your body first, and  immediately wash off and discard if irritation appears.

Now with our safety PSA over, let’s look at some of our fave Halloween costumes for pregnant moms!

1. A spooky mummy


If you’re short on time, this is the perfect quick and easy Halloween costume for a pregnant Mama! Here’s an expecting Jessica Simpson sporting a similar full body version:


2) Pot o’ Gold Belly Bump


Feeling lucky? Dress up your bump as a pot of gold! We love her awesome rainbow wig and jingling coins. Perfect for a couple or solo act.

3. Trucker Mama



Grab a trucker hat, mustache, beer can annnnnnd voila — your Halloween costume is done! Comfy, easy and funny. If you’ve got a partner, we love this hilarious  pairing below.


4. Troll Doll (for all your 90s Mamas)


For all you 90s ladies, this one’s a creative throwback. Still as strange and creepy as it was back then, this Halloween costume will surely turn some heads!

5. Zombie Baby Bump


If you’re more for gore, check out how these Mamas outfitted their bumps. We always love a good Day of the Dead face make up (above), and the breaking through baby (below) never fails to give us the heebie jeebies.


6. The Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Mama


For pop culture divas with a sense of humor, you can’t get much better than this Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” costume. To complete this Halloween look, you’ll definitely need to get that tongue wag down .


All you need to know about toner


We all know the importance of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing — but what’s the deal with toner? Many women don’t understand the role of toner in a regular skincare regimen — often discarding it as unnecessary. However, a well-formulated toner can be critical to healthy, glowing skin.

What is toner?

A toner is a beauty aid that can be broken down to a few different categories, depending on what the product does: traditional toners, astringents and fresheners.

Traditional toners soothe skin with a combination of moisturizers, oils and extracts. Astringents are usually alcohol based, and tighten pores while removing oil. Fresheners tighten pores as well, relying on alcohol alternatives such as green tea.

How do I use toner in my skincare regimen?

Incorporating a toner into your daily skincare plan is easy as 1-2-3.  (Like, seriously — it’s super fast. Swipe, swipe…done!) Once you find the right toner for your face, your updated beauty regimen should go something like this:

1) Cleanse. Gently pat face dry.
2) Tone. Apply a moderate amount of toner to a cotton ball or cotton round, and gently wipe face in upward motions. Allow to air dry.
3) Moisturize.

Which toner is best for me?

Choosing the right toner is a wee bit trickier than it sounds. We formulated our pregnancy-safe toners with non-toxic ingredients to combat common skin problems both pregnant and non-expecting Mamas face.

Evaluate your skin’s needs to determine which toner will work best for you.

1) The Spoiled Mama’s Calm Toner


This alcohol-free toner restores skin’s natural pH balance, which can be disturbed by harsh cleansers. Using citrus aurantium dulcis distillate, a fragrant orange blossom extraction that detoxifies congested skin and soothe dryness. Also features black willowbark, which has naturally occurring salicylic acid to fight pregnancy acne. 94% organic content.

Good for: 

  • preventing acne
  • tightening pores
  • detoxing overworked skin
  • reducing puffiness
  • sensitive skin
  • removing residue
  • irritation

Currently ON SALE for $14.40shop now!

2) The Spoiled Mama’s Hydrate Toner with cucumber & aloe


This alcohol-free toner tightens pores and restores skin’s natural pH balance. It features cucumber sativus, an extract that helps soothe, calm skin irritation and relieve puffy skin. Meanwhile, tea tree, black willowbark and witch hazel help prevent and treat pregnancy acne. 96% organic content.

Good for: 

  • tightening pores
  • preventing and treating acne
  • all skin types
  • reducing inflammation
  • removing residue
  • refreshing skin
  • soothing irritated or puffy skin

Currently ON SALE for $14.40shop now!

2) The Spoiled Mama’s balanC for brighter skin




This best-selling toner with Vitamin C helps prevent pregnancy acne and pimples, while fighting sun damage and free radicals. Geranium oil, a natural astringent, helps tone skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The amazing toner prepares skin for treatment, so serums absorb more effectively.

Good for: 

  • preventing and treating acne
  • reducing fine lines
  • fading dark spots
  • promoting cell health and regeneration of new cells
  • fading acne scars

Currently ON SALE for $16.20shop now!

Do you regularly use toner in your beauty regimen? Did you notice a change in your skin after regular use? Share below!


Pregnancy dates before baby comes


Once you find out you’re preggers, life can quickly spiral into a baby black hole. While planning for your baby’s arrival is certainly exciting, it’s just as important to set time aside for yourself, your partner and your pals before the little one arrives!

Here are some fun date ideas to check off before delivery day:

QT with your besties. You can do any of the following activities by yourself or with your partner, but don’t forget your best buds too! Once the baby arrives, it will be that much harder to get away for a girls’ night or bonding time.


Cook together. Even if you’re not a great cook, everyone loves to eat. Cooking with your partner can be a fun, experimental activity that promotes creativity and cooperation. If you need some direction, check out a cool local cooking class or browse yummy recipe sites for inspiration.

See a live show (comedy, theater or music). Take your mind off baby shower planning and baby names for an evening, and indulge in some laughs, music and culture. Even if it’s amateur night at the local comedy club, it’ll be a good opportunity to just focus on yourself.


Go to a sports game. Head out with your sweetie to root for your fave sports team. Bonus points if you paint your belly.

Try a new restaurant. Go and splurge on some delicious food, Mama. Children are notoriously picky eaters, so this may be one of your last chances to head out on a super adult, spendy date. Live it up!


Go to the movies.  The reality is you’ll mostly be limited to Disney and Pixar movies for the next 13 years, so why not go on a good ole’ date at the movies? Extra large popcorn, please.

Sensual at-home spa. Before full-fledge parenthood hits both of you, why not enjoy some personal alone time together? Bust open your Bump Gloss (it’s not just a stretch mark oil, Mamas!) and take turns giving each other fun and relaxing rubdowns. If your edema is kicking up, use the Aloe Leg Gel with its refreshing cucumber scent to help relieve swollen legs and ankles.


Museum date. Looking for a fun daytime activity? Head to your local museum for some quiet reflection time. This is awesome to do by yourself, with a buddy or your partner.

Take a road trip (and go off the grid, if you can). There’s nothing more freeing than hitting that dusty road for an adventurous road trip. Whether you’re visiting old friends or exploring a new locale, it’s all about the journey!

Mini-golf or day at the arcade. There’s probably nothing more charming than mini-golfing with your sweetie or playing Whack-a-Mole with your best buds. Take a breather and enjoy this old fashioned date.

What’s on your list of favorite pregnancy dates? Share below!


Pantone nursery ideas for 2015

Prepping the baby nursery for your little one’s arrival is probably one of the highlights of pregnancy. But just fifteen minutes scrolling through nursery inspiration on Pinterest can leave a Mama feeling overwhelmed, grouchy and ready for a nap!

Love this palette, inspired by Pantone's "Past Traces" color collection for 2015.
Love this palette, inspired by Pantone’s “Past Traces” color collection for 2015.


Choosing a color palette is one of the first (and probably hardest) decision in planning a baby nursery, so we’re turning to Pantone — arguably the world’s most acclaimed group of color experts — to guide us through nursery friendly color ideas for 2015.

While we’re a bit early for their infamous Color of the Year announcement, the color gods have issued a statement for the hit hues of the upcoming year.

Let’s have a look!

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