#LuvUrMama Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win $100 from The Spoiled Mama

We’re all about moms 365 days of the year, so when Mother’s Day rolls around, we like to do it big! This year, we’re asking you to show us YOUR favorite mama, and share what makes her so amazing.

From baby bumps to old family photos, we want to meet the important moms who’ve moved you, made you laugh, and taught you all of life’s important lessons.

Every photo entry gives you a chance to win a $100 Spoiled Mama store credit, where you can load up on your favorite pregnancy skin care & postpartum products. Enter via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Hurry, winner announced Fri., May 6!


#LUVURMAMA Mother’s Day Giveaway

How to enter:

FACEBOOK: Upload a photo of your favorite mom(s) on our wall, and share what makes her so special with tag #luvurmama.

INSTAGRAM: Share a photo of your favorite mom(s), and tell us what makes her so special with tag #luvurmama. Make sure your account is public, so we can view the entry!

TWITTER: Upload a photo of your favorite mom(s), and share what makes her so special with tag #luvurmama.

Up to three entries per person. Hurry, contest ends at Friday, May 6 at 5 p.m. PT!

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Giveaway details: Winner will be chosen randomly and have 3 business days to claim prize once contacted. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Shipping is included. Contest is open to Mamas in the contiguous U.S., excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rice.







Make This! Top 3 Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

Happy Earth Day, Mamas! While we can’t all be as industrious Giselle Bundchen and her cute kids today,  we can make small changes within our homes to provide a better future for our family and planet. Since we freed our cabinets of expired skincare and toxic cleaners this month, it’s the perfect time to mix up some easy, earth-friendly natural cleaning products!


Here are three favorite homemade cleaner recipes we always have on hand.

All-Purpose Vinegar Cleaner: Vinegar is fantastic at killing germs, and best of all, it’s cheap and toxin-free! Essential oil helps cut the vinegar smell, while adding antibacterial properties to this natural cleaner. Pour everything in a spray bottle, shake, spray and wipe!

      • 1 part distilled white vinegar
      • 1 part water
      • 20+ drops of essential oil

Lemon Oven Cleaner: Baking soda makes this natural cleaner abrasive enough to tackle tough oven stains. This formula creates a spreadable cleaning paste that’s even safe for pregnant Mamas to use. Mix the following ingredients together, wipe with sponge and allow to sit for several minutes. Scrub, then wipe down with a damp rag.

        • 1/2 cup all-natural liquid soap
        • 1-1/4 cup baking soda
        • 2/8 cup distilled white vinegar
        • a few drops of lemon essential oil

Safe “Happy Hour” Glass & Window Cleaner: Last week, we learned how 2-butoxyethanol — a popular ingredient that can lead to sore throats and liver damage — is a toxin found in many window cleaners. Instead, here’s a toxin-free, pregnancy safe cleaner that you can feel good about. Just combine in a spray bottle, and get cleaning!

  • 1 cup vodka (yes, vodka!)
  • 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon all-natural liquid soap
  • water

Remember, long-term exposure to toxins can affect your family’s health — and our planet — in the long run. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, give your baby a head start with toxin-free pregnancy skin care and household cleaners whenever possible!

Do you have any natural homemade cleaner recipes? Let us know how you get clean below!


Five toxic cleaners that are probably in your home

For many, becoming pregnant is akin to learning a new language.  Suddenly you’re dropped in a whole new world of impossible to pronounce toxins that can harm your health or give your baby 12 fingers.

According to environmental experts, the average household contains 62 toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, asthma and hormone disruption. So with spring here, it’s the perfect time to clean out your expired skincare and — even better — toss those toxic cleaners in your home!


Decoding ingredient labels can be confusing; however, here’s a handy cheat sheet to help spot toxins and chemicals to avoid while pregnant (& beyond).

  1. Phthalates: Phtalates aren’t required to be listed on ingredient labels, so if your product has fragrance, there’s a good chance this toxin is in it. This includes everything from air fresheners, soap, toilet paper and even nail polish. Pthalates can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system, and are endocrine disruptors that can reduce sperm count in men.

    Healthy alternative: Shop fragrance-free products! If you find you miss the yummy smells, opt for products with essential oils.

  2. Triclosan: By now, we’ve all heard how antibacterial products may actually promote the growth of “super” bacteria that’s resistant to drugs. So if your soap or detergents say “antibacterial” on it, triclosan is probably in it. Aside from encouraging super bugs to form, triclosan may be a carcinogen as well. Our conclusion? TOSS IT!

    Healthy alternative: Shop non-toxic brands or use detergents with simple, short ingredient lists. Better yet, make your own home made cleaners so you know exactly what’s in it.

  3.  Ammonia: This popular ingredient gives your windows and kitchen surfaces that satisfying, streak-free clean. But ammonia is a strong irritant that can exasperates asthma and lung issues, and may lead to chronic bronchitis after long-term exposure.

    Healthy alternative: Add a shot of vodka to your favorite DIY cleaning recipe for the same, squeaky clean finish!

  4. 2-Butoxyethanl: This one isn’t required to be listed on labels, so it’s a bit tricky to find. However, 2-butoxyethanol is found in most brand name and generic window and multipurpose cleaners. Inhaling too much of this sweet-smelling ingredient may lead to sore throats, pulmonary edema, and liver and kidney damage — yikes!

    Healthy alternative: A diluted white vinegar spray and microfiber cloth will do wonders for your windows and surfaces. Plus, it’s super cheap! Win-win.

  5. Perchloroethylene (aka “Perc” or Tetrachloroethylene): A neurotoxin and possible human carcinogen, Perc is found in laundry stain removers, and carpet and upholstery cleaners.

    Healthy alternative: Choose non-toxic laundry spot cleaners like Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Stain Remover or DIY solutions that use simple ingredients like white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Remember, whether you’re pregnant or not, long term exposure to toxins can affect your family’s health in the long run. Choose toxin-free pregnancy skin care and household cleaners whenever possible!

Have you purged your home of toxic cleaners? What are your favorite toxin-free brands or DIY recipes? Share below!


Pregnancy nesting: Is it a real thing?

It’s officially spring time. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. And if you’re getting the urge to purge your belongings…you’re not the only one.

But if you’re currently expecting, you may wonder: Is this just spring cleaning in the air, or is that whole thing about “nesting” true? This week, we’re debunking (or validating) the story behind the pregnancy nesting instinct. Read on!


What is pregnancy nesting?

According to old wives’ tales, expectant mothers reach the nesting stage of pregnancy in the latter third trimester. This may include cleaning the house, reorganizing your freezer, buying new baby clothes or (for modern moms) going on a Pinterest frenzy, and pinning images for your child’s nursery.

The term “nest” refers to a bird’s nest, as you can often find Mama birdies prepping for birth by creating a cozy, comfy nest for their young ones.

Is nesting a real thing humans do?

Sure! Turns out we have one more thing in common with our furry friends. According to science, an increase in adrenaline at the end of your pregnancy can rev up your instinct to nurture and prep for your child.

The extra burst of energy can be invigorating for many, so take advantage of it! However, since the nesting instinct usually hits late in your third trimester, be careful not to tackle projects that are too strenuous (put down the hammer, Mama. Step away from the wood sander)

Here are some low-key “nesting” activities you may want to do:

  • stock your kitchen pantry
  • reorganize your furniture
  • deep clean
  • purchase baby clothes
  • pack your hospital delivery bag
  • purge your closet of old clothing, expired makeup and skin care, and outdated accessories

Whatever you do, make a point to take frequent breaks, ask for help when needed, or even relax with your favorite pregnancy skin care…it’s all about balance!

But I never got the urge to nest. Is something wrong with me?

Yes. You should probably call your doctor right now. No, no, we kid. The nesting bug doesn’t bite everyone, but you shouldn’t worry. It has no bearing on your abilities to parent or nurture your child in the future.

Have you experienced “pregnancy nesting”? What activities did you do to prep for your baby? Share your experience below!


When good cosmetics go bad: when to toss your stash

If you’re anything like us, there’s a drawer (or three) somewhere in your house full of forgotten lippies, lotion samples, soaps and outdated blue eye shadow. Like most things, there’s a recommended shelf life for makeup and expiration dates for your skin creams and serums…even if the hoarder within you denies it.

When cosmetics go bad: the shelf life of makeup and skin care

Aside from taking up valuable space, old cosmetics can get downright grimey and be dangerous for your skin. Makeup and skin care past its expiration have been known to cause rashes, acne blemishes and even infections! Let’s take a look at some signs you  may need to chuck some (or all) of your stash.

1. Generally, eye makeup lasts up to six months, while lipsticks may last a whopping three years.  If your beloved makeup items have been opened and are older than these dates, time to throw ’em out:

– Mascara (both regular or waterproof) and eyeliners (liquid, pencil or gel): 4-6 months
– Powders and mineral makeup: 2-3 years
– Foundation and concealers (cream or liquid): 6 month-1 year
– Lip balms: 1 year
– Lipsticks, glosses and lip pencils: 2-3 years

2. Wondering about your skin care? Yes, there’s expiration dates on your creams as well. If the product has been open, follow this general guideline:

– Facial cleansers: 1 year
– Toners: 6 months to 1 year
– Serums: 6 months to 1 year
– Facial & body cream or lotion: 6 months – 1 year

3. Try the smell test. If something smells amiss, it usually is. This is especially helpful if you use toxin-free pregnancy skin care, which often uses natural ingredients, and is free of synthetic fragrances that may cover up “off” smells

4. If everything smells alright, take a swab of the product and test it for texture. Expired beauty and skin care products may clump, become runny or separate altogether. If it feels different or isn’t applying as it did upon opening, time to toss it out.

5. Water is the source of life, and in skin care and makeup, it is also the source of bacteria and other gross microbes. If the product’s formula has high water content, or it’s been exposed to water droplets (say, from your shower or wet finger tips), the product’s shelf life will be considerably shorter.

6. Consider where it’s been stored. Cosmetics generally like cool temperatures, so if yours have been in a hot car or muggy closet, you may have inadvertently shortened the life span of your products. Extra bottles of facial or body oils, like our Bump Gloss oil for pregnancy stretch marks, is recommended to store in a dark, cool environment as UV rays shorten the shelf life of oils.

Have you ever had a bad experience from using expired makeup or skin care? Share your stories below!


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Thoughts on pregnancy and motherhood from your favorite maternity skincare line