Give thanks…Black Friday 2015 is here!

Happy Thanksgiving, gorgeous! Whether you’re a new fan or a loyal supporter of The Spoiled Mama since our humble beginnings eight years ago, we just want to say THANK YOU for all your stories, encouragement and love through the year. We love what we do, and we can’t do any of this without you!


While our team is at home filling our bellies with turkey, cranberry sauce and good times, we’ve extended our Black Friday holiday this week for all you wonderful Mamas  (consider it an early gift from Santa).


Starting today,  get your belly butter, pregnancy oil or gift sets for new moms,  and we’ll throw in a FREE gift + FREE shipping through the contiguous U.S…no minimums or coupon codes necessary. Gobble up these steals before they go away!


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Gotta have it pregnancy gifts for Her: Holiday 2015

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner! For those who are preggo or have a pregnant mom in their lives, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. While there are a ton of Christmas gift guides out there, here is a list of our most coveted gifts for the expectant mom.


Every pregnant mom needs extra support in her mid-section during those nine months, and even beyond. That’s why we love Bao Bei Maternity‘s amazing waistband, which gives Mama extra support as she works out or go about her daily activities. Perfect for postpartum bellies and C-section recovery.


For a unique and sentimental gift, this bespoke sound wave print tops our Christmas gift lists. Based out of Nottingham, UK, Newton and The Apple takes custom sound waves and makes beautiful art prints from them. For the pregnant mom, you can send in a recording of your baby’s heart beat to recreate the gorgeous, modern piece above. Printed on archival paper with a textured matte finish, this art piece is the perfect hanging for a baby’s room.


Pickles are the *classic* pregnancy craving, and if this is hers, a case of McClure’s Pickles will leave her grinning from ear to ear. These artisan pickles come a dozen to a case, and you can pick from their delish flavors like garlic dill and spicy & sweet.


What every Mama wants? Some precious “me-time”! Give her the gift of much needed R&R with some pampering. We love the idea of a spa certificate or pregnancy skin care that she can use to treat her baby bump, swollen feet and ankles or morning sickness. Our online store offers easy gifting bundles that feature our bestselling Tummy Butter & Bump Gloss to prevent stretch marks — all toxin-free for Mama and baby, obviously.

snoogle-pillow-for-pregnancyFinding a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy is tough — but not entirely impossible. With the Snoogle, known as “the mother of all pregnancy pillows,” restful sleep is just a snuggle away. Shaped like a giant horseshoe, this maternity pillow allows for effective back and belly support through the night.


For techy parents, Bellybuds are an entertaining and fun gift. These headphones adhere comfortably to Mama’s belly and allows parents to “talk” to their baby, who begins hearing at 20 weeks and forming memories at 30. You can record your own voice, stories or play your baby The Clash’s greatest hits. Skeptical? Read the amazing Amazon reviews.



When you look good, you feel good. If your expectant Mama has already given into 24/7 sweatpants and her hubby’s shirts, she’ll appreciate a gift card to a local or online maternity clothing store. We have a soft spot for Fourth Love, a NYC-based pregnancy line that offers cute, flattering ‘fits for the modern mom.

Which of these gifts make your “most wanted” list? Any hot items we missed? Share your thoughts below!


Your pregnancy holiday diet (& the foods to avoid)

With the chill in the air becoming stronger and daylight saving over, it’s beginning to feel like the holidays (we’re officially playing Christmas music at The Spoiled Mama HQ). As we enter the holidaze, let’s talk about your best diet while pregnant (& holiday foods you should avoid).


The holidays are a tempting time for any carb & sweets lover; however, just cause you’re “eating for two” doesn’t mean your fetus wants that third slice of pie. Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate all the delicious temptation coming your way:

  1. Be conscious of your weight gain. How much weight you should gain during pregnancy is determined by how much you weighed previously (Were you normal weight? Overweight or obese?), and whether you’re carrying multiples. If you were normal weight, expect to gain 25-35 lbs; underweight: 28-40 lbs; overweight: 15-25 lbs; obese: 11-20 lbs.). Remember, the excuse that you’re “eating for two” can lead to overeating, which may result in gestational diabetes, overweight babies, C-sections, heartburn and pregnancy stretch marks.
  2. Continue exercising. Studies have suggested mothers who were active during their pregnancies lose the post-pregnancy pounds easier. So while the colder weather may make you want to hibernate, grab your sweater and aim for at least thirty minutes of activity each day — even if it’s just a brisk walk. If you need moral support, have your partner or bestie join. Personally, we think it’s an awesome way to catch up on some great podcasts. (Serial, anyone?)
  3. Drink up before you eat up. There are some reports that drinking 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before meals can help you regulate your eating. So before you carve into that turkey or ham, guzzle down some water.
  4. Establish a regular eating pattern. Many of us approach holiday meals in unhealthy fashion. Just like establishing a sleep pattern, follow a regular eating schedule — by which we mean, don’t skip breakfast and lunch just to stuff your face at that Thanksgiving dinner.
  5.  Be vigilant about what you eat. Preggo ladies are more at risk for food-borne illnesses because of their lowered immune system. Be careful of E. coli and listeria, which is a bacteria that can be found in poultry, cattle and raw milk products. Avoid unpasteurized foods, deli meats, smoked fish or meat, and raw eggnog.
  6. Trade in carbs for veggies. We know, that’s like, the most boring statement ever. But considering many mothers don’t get enough daily vitamins, this is a great time to load up on healthy sides before you reach for the mashed taters, bread and cake. Veggies like asparagus, avocados, beets and green peas are popular holiday side dishes that will pump you with  nutrients and help relieve common pregnancy problems like constipation and hemorrhoids.

How do YOU maintain a healthy diet while pregnant? Share your tips below!


How to beat eczema…naturally

For those who suffer from eczema — the itchy, scaly skin condition also known as “atopic dermatitis” — the upcoming fall and winter chill can trigger painful bouts of dry, itchy skin. For pregnant & breastfeeding Mamas, lil’ tots and green-conscious beauties, finding natural solutions to this skin condition can be tough. Here are our best tips on how to relieve eczema!

ways to cure eczema

Avoid eczema triggers

There are many triggers for eczema, which vary from person to person. To find out which triggers affect you, keep a diary of your flare-ups to keep track of similarities. Here are some common triggers:

  • Cold weather: Cold weather leads to dry skin, which may cause skin to crack and become itchy. Be sure to moisturize frequently and use calming, natural ingredients.
  • Dusty household & pet dander: Dust mites may cause eczema, so be sure to regularly clean your rugs, blinds and carpets. Same goes for linens, bed sheets and curtains.
  • Harsh laundry detergent: Traditional laundry detergent can be chockful of harsh ingredients that can irritate skin. Opt for natural, fragrance-free cleansers.
  • Rough or synthetic clothing: Wool and synthetic fabrics can trigger eczema. Opt for loose-fitting, natural cotton clothes that allow skin to breathe.
  • Stress:  Bouts of stress can cause eczema flare-ups. Keep stress at bay with helpful happiness boosters, like yoga, aromatherapy or (my favorite) YouTube videos of kittens playing.

Natural eczema treatments

A common factor in many eczema triggers is the use of harsh, chemical-laden household, skin and cleaning products. For pregnant or breastfeeding moms and their babes, it should be a top priority to choose toxin-free and/or natural products. To detoxify your skincare regimen, we recommend:

  • Cleanse with a pregnancy safe body wash like The Spoiled Mama’s Luxe-Mama, a mild cleanser without sulfates or irritants. Safe for breastfeeding mothers and babies.
  • Avoid chemical exfoliants, which may be too harsh for your sensitive skin. But keep skin naturally glowing and dewy with a natural body polish, like The Spoiled Mama’s Indulge sugar scrub for stretch marks.
  • When the inevitable eczema flareup comes ’round, reach for a toxin-free product that’s safe for pregnant mothers and their babies. The Spoiled Mama’s Nipstick sore nipple cream is an all-purpose cream that does wonders for mild eczema.

From Jennifer, Wisconsin:

“Simply Amazing. I started using (Nipstick) on my daughter’s face in the winter (has mild eczema) and overnight her skin is healed. I love it because it’s natural and I don’t worry whether she licks her lips and ingests some. Hands down it is an amazing product and my go to for any skin healing.” 5 Stars

  • Moisturize daily with a rich moisturizer, especially if you live in a cold or windy place. For daytime use, The Spoiled Mama Bump Gloss stretch mark oil is a fast-drying, light oil blend that helps lock in moisture and protect skin from the elements. At night, we recommend a heavier cream like The Spoiled Mama’s Tummy Butter. Apply before bedtime for a deeply hydrating experience.

Do you have eczema? What are your triggers, and how have you successfully relieved it?



DIY Lip Scrub: Goodbye flakey lips!

There’s nothing more annoying and painful than dry, cracked lips (…okay, we take that back — dry, cracked nipples are a huge pain, as well). However, with fall and winter ushering in cold weather and wind, chapped lips are affecting the masses, and doing your pout a horrible disservice. That’s why we want to share one of our favorite natural, home remedies for dry lips: a DIY lip scrub!

Sugar scrubs are our fave surface exfoliant, because it draws moisture from the air and is a natural alpha hydroxy acid. With its gentle nature, it’s perfect for sensitive body parts like your lips.

Here is a basic DIY lip scrub formula you can customize to pouty perfection.

diy lip scrub recipe

Basic DIY Lip Scrub

  • 1 tablespoon sugar, organic preferred (white or brown sugar OK)
  • olive oil, coconut oil or honey
  • a small, clean container (preferably with an airtight lid)

In a small bowl, slowly add enough oil or honey and mix. Add just enough oil or honey to create a thick slurry. Transfer mix into your small container.

Once a week, rub the polish onto your lips in small circles. Allow the sugar scrub to sit on your lips for one minute, and wipe with a damp cloth.

Now here’s the fun part! The best part about DIY lip scrubs (and all homemade beauty concoctions) is customizing the recipe to your liking. Here are some alternatives that you can add to your scrub:

  • Honey is a wonderful moisturizer that has antibacterial properties, which is perfect for keeping germs away from your lips. To receive honey’s full benefits, opt for organic, raw honey.
  • Coconut oil is another natural moisturizer that smells delicious and holds in moisture with its fatty acids.
  • Olive oil is readily available in most households, and is a popular ingredient in many nourishing cosmetic lip products. Choose organic extra virgin olive oil to take full advantage of its healing antioxidants.
  • Almond oil is a natural lubricant that helps rejuvenate lips and prevent chapped lips with vitamins B2 and E.
  • Add essential oils* to your mix for their therapeutic properties (our fave is peppermint!).

Remember, use this lip treatment once a week for noticeably softer lips. Does the rest of your body need lovin’ too? Try The Spoiled Mama’s sugar scrub for stretch marks for the ULTIMATE delight. With organic sugar in a blend of cold-pressed oils, this body polish will banish any dryness and leave skin dewy and g-l-o-w-i-n-g.

Have you tried a DIY lip scrub? What ingredients did you use? Share below!


If pregnant, please consult with your doctor before using essential oils.
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