Real Talk: Persevering through a difficult pregnancy


One of the greatest joys at The Spoiled Mama is providing support and relief for new and expecting parents as they begin their journey into parenthood.

Welcoming children to the world is a life-changing experience — full of ups and downs — and we feel so blessed to share in the adventure with all of you.

Last month, we received an incredible story from one of our parents I’d like to share. For anyone experiencing hardships through pregnancy and beyond, we hope this encourages you to find the silver lining and proceed with perseverance, hope and love.

Meet Bill and Kim K. of New Jersey. Bill writes:

“This is our third child and my wife has been loyally using The Spoiled Mama products for all of her pregnancies. This one was an unexpected surprise, and, unfortunately, has not been without complications.

A new free cell DNA test showed our baby was at high risk for having the chromosomal disorder for Turner Syndrome, and my wife had an amniocentesis for confirmation. As it turns out, the amnio showed it was a milder form of Mosaic Turner’s where only some of the cells were effected.

Needless to say, this has been torturous and we have been through a lot.

The head of the original OB/GYN practice we were going to recommended termination.  This was before we even had an amnio for confirmation of the situation (…)  It was as if me and my wife, and especially our baby, were no longer worth his time. 

We walked out of there feeling as lost and low as possible. Needless to say, we never returned to that practice and found a very nice, new doctor.

While things are looking better now and we finally feel that we are able to enjoy this miracle of childbirth and celebrate with others, including our two other little girls, this will be a very tough pregnancy, full of anxiety. But faith will see us through.

Having being comforted by The Spoiled Mama’s products and service throughout the years as we prepared for the most important, special moments of our lives, I felt it was important to share our current experience with you.

We appreciate your support of women, children and parents, and their overall health.

On sharing their story with The Spoiled Mama community:

“We would like to provide comfort, relief and hope to as many as possible. Despite the new tests and technology that seem to develop continuously, I firmly believe childbirth will always remain a unique, unpredictable, magical mystery of life.

Strong women and support, faith and love, and passion for life, are all that’s needed to endure, enjoy and persevere through one of life’s true miracles.

They happen all the time and epitomize hope, no matter what we experience — both good and bad — in our lives.  It is why we are here.”

Have you experienced difficulties during your pregnancy? How did you cope? 

Come back next week when we’ll be announcing how you can support families like Kim and Bill’s with your Spoiled Mama purchases! 


DHA spray tan while pregnant

Kate Middleton pregnancy tip: Skip the spray tan

While the Royal Baby Watch isn’t feverish Stateside, we at The Spoiled Mama HQ can’t get over how amazing Kate Middleton looks throughout her pregnancy. I could write a whole post on the Duchess’ impeccable hat game, but instead we’re gonna focus on one of Kate’s pregnancy skin care tips that all moms should heed: pass on the spray tan!

In preparation for Royal Baby #2, Duchess Catherine has reportedly stopped spray tanning during pregnancy over health concerns connected to the procedure.

Kate Middleton embraces a paler look for arrival of baby #2, but she still GLOWS! The second Royal Baby is expected to arrive mid-late April.

 Dihydroxyacetone ( DHA for short) is a chemical found in all spray tanning products that can penetrate the skin, damage cells and increase cancer risks. While the research is not conclusive that DHA is harmful to pregnant women, we always suggest erring on the side of caution — you’re carrying precious cargo in there!

The good news? A healthy pregnancy glow is all you need to radiate while you’re expecting! Skin not in tip-top condition? Our toxin-free pregnancy skincare helps regulate troubled, stressed skin, and a bronzer does wonders for giving you a sun-kissed look!

What beauty sacrifices have you made during your pregnancy? Share below!


How to heal a sunburn during pregnancy

With Daylight Saving Time upon us, the promise of spring and warm weather is just around the corner. And with the weekend forecast predicting mid-70s (we love California-livin’!), I want to address a common question pregnant Mamas have: What are toxin-free solutions to heal a sunburn?

Toxin-free and DIY sunburn remedies from

Witch hazel: Native Americans have been savvy to the power of witch hazel for ages. Used topically, witch hazel eases inflammation and minor burns. To naturally heal a sunburn, soak a cotton ball with witch hazel (our favorite brand is Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Toner) and lightly immediately pat on affected area. The Spoiled Mama’s toxin-free toners also contain witch hazel,  so lightly spritz the sunburn to shorten healing time and help minimize peeling.

Tamanu oil: A well-regarded natural oil from the tamanu tree, this wondrous oil has been scientifically proven to heal damaged and inflamed skin, while encouraging the growth of new, healthy skin tissue. Dab tamanu oil onto your sunburn to reduce healing time, or apply our Tummy Butter for stretch marks, which will deliver a healthy dose tamanu oil to your damaged skin. The best-selling belly butter will also reduce peeling and any painful stinging sensation.

Aloe vera: Aloe is the most popular of sunburn remedies for its availability and proven track record for helping heal sun-scorched skin. The soothing gel helps calm inflamed skin and studies suggest it may reduce healing time. For best results, use the gel from a fresh aloe plant, or alternatively, gently massage Happy Legs Aloe Gel for swollen pregnancy legs. Enhanced with cooling cucumber, the leg gel delivers a double dose of healing goodness to the inflamed area!

Lavender essential oil: Not only does lavender provide relaxing aromatherapy, it can help heal sunburns. Rich with anti-inflammatory compounds, lavender essential oil reduces swelling, redness and healing time. To apply, dilute lavender essential oil into a body lotion or carrier oil (general rule is 3-5 drops of essential oil to 1 tsp. of carrier oil) and apply to affected area. If DIY isn’t your thing, gently apply our lavender infused Bump Gloss Stretch Mark Oil over the sunburn.

What natural remedies do you rely on to help heal sunburns? Share ‘em below!



Fan Q&A: How to get rid of stretch marks

First off, a big hearty THANK YOU to all the SF Bay Area Mamas who came out to visit us at Boobie-Palooza! The birth and baby fair was a phenomenal success, and it was so fun to meet local moms, their bumps, babes & partners.

We had a lot of great chats about pregnancy skincare, so I wanted to address one of the most popular topics: How to lose stretch marks once they’re already there.

How to get rid of stretch marks

Here’s a Facebook question from a Mama we met at Boobie-Palooza:

“I am six weeks postpartum and as a woman of color my stomach is still very dark in appearance. I know its something many darker woman are ashamed to show, but perfect for showing a transformation!

The actual marks are deep tears I would say and quite a few shades lighter than the area around. How do I get rid of these pregnancy stretch marks?


Congrats on your new baby! This is the perfect time to begin tackling those new stretch marks — once they heal and become silvery scars, it’s almost impossible to alter their appearance without invasive and expensive laser surgery.

However, since you’re only six weeks postpartum, this is a fantastic time to begin making real changes in their final appearance!

how to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks


Since your stretch marks are already formed, we recommend using our Remodel Serum and Tummy Butter from our collection of toxin-free pregnancy stretch mark solutions.

1) On clean, dry skin apply Remodel stretch mark serum as a spot treatment over stretch marks. Apply with a gentle patting motion and allow serum to be fully absorbed before putting on clothes or moving to next step.

2) Apply Tummy Butter liberally over regions where stretch marks exist. Allow to dry. Repeat once or twice a day. Since the belly butter is a rich cocoa butter with a blend of nourishing oils, it may take a little longer (10-15 minutes) for the butter to dry.

Personally, I love the full Remodel + Tummy Butter treatment at night when I have more time to relax, and the Remodel spot treatment in the mornings when I’m a little more rushed.

It should be noted that we strongly recommend staying out of the sun and/or tanning beds until your stretch marks heal completely. (And don’t forget our tips on how to prevent stretch marks in the first place!)

As always, our pregnancy skincare is toxin-free and made with organic ingredients, which means it’s safe for expecting and postpartum Mamas!

Any maternity skincare questions for us? Ask us on our Facebook page or leave a comment below!



Honoring #BlackExcellence: Black girls changing the world

As we round out a hectic, but ultimately wonderful February at The Spoiled Mama HQ, I wanted to take a moment to recognize and honor Black History Month.

Apart from the debates about whether Black History Month is in itself inherently racist, or the silly and controversial Black History Month lunch menus, I want to take this opportunity to pay homage to some of the amazing young black girls who are rocking the boat and changing the world.

As a Mama to two beautiful, kind and multi-racial children, it’s incredibly important for my husband and I to expose them to leaders, toys and entertainment that have similar faces to theirs.

This is particularly true for my daughter, who turns three in a few months, because we all know how cruel and unjustice the mainstream can be — not just for women, but for women of color.

So this week’s blog is dedicated to my gorgeous and sassy Ellianna Grace: may you always be surrounded by supportive women, strong-willed examples of the feminine, who will uplift and encourage you to be anything you want to be — regardless of skin color, background or sex.

And of course, a big hearty thank you to all these amazing, young black ladies who are paving the way for you!


Asia Newson, 11: entreprenuer, candle maker & all-around hustler


This is Asia Newson, an 11-year-old business woman with a curfew. Owner of Super Business Girl, the Detroit, Michigan resident slangs candles and other merchandise with impeccable charm and business savvy.

Since she was five years old, Asia’s parents have been helping her make and sell candles on the rough Detroit streets — visiting barber shops, selling street-side and more. While her father is always close by, Asia handles all her sales pitches by herself.

A featured speaker at TedxDetroit, guest on “Ellen” and countless other news segments, Asia has a bigger dream for her brand. She wants to rewrite people’s vision of her hometown and encourage other young entrepreneurs. She currently offers a entrepreneur-learning program to at-risk youth in the area.

Her mission statement: To recognize the true potential in every child and to develop intrinsic security that makes optimum use of their individualized talent.

We bow down, Asia.

Mikaila Ulmer, 10: entrepreneur, bee ambassador & educator


Hailing from Austin, Texas, little Mikaila was just four years old when a couple things happened to her:

She was stung by a bee. Twice.

Then, her Great Granny Helen sent her a family cookbook with a special recipe for Flaxseed Lemonade.

While she didn’t like the bee stings, the event triggered an interest in the little buzzing insects, and she got to thinking: How can I help honey bees while using my Great Granny Helen’s recipe?

That’s how BeeSweet Lemonade came to fruition. Just six years later, BeeSweet is a flourishing brand sold at Whole Foods Market and other fine retailers.

Proceeds from Mikaila’s BeeSweet Lemonade go to saving honey bees, which have been mysteriously disappearing (and — if not reversed — could spell doom for our global food supply).

On her off days, the superstar lives up to her title as bee ambassador by speaking at seminars and educating the public on the importance of honey bees.

Leanna Archer, 17: entrepreneur, natural beauty lover, philanthropist

At the tender age of nine, Leanna Archer began selling her own beauty products for skin and hair using her family’s secret recipes.
At 13, she was the youngest person ever to ring the New York Stock Exchange bell, and now at age 17, her organic beauty company Leanna’s Inc. grosses over $100,000 a year in revenue.
Never to rest, Leanna founded the Leanna Archer Education Foundation in 2008 after a trip to Haiti inspired and touched the teen’s heart. The foundation currently provides more than 200 kids with education and three meals a day in Tabar, Haiti.

Let’s give a hand to these amazing examples of #BlackExcellence! Do you have a young woman of color who is an inspiration to you? Share her story below! 



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